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Chemistry Class


We help students understand the complexities of chemistry; its structures, properties, formulas and compositions.

Our Chemistry Tutors Help Students to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts in Chemistry

  • Build confidence and skills to achieve superior grades

  • Become an independent learner and thinker

Chemistry Tutoring Aligned with Alberta Curriculum

  • We follow the Alberta curriculum 100% during our tutoring sessions. Our Chemistry tutors are experts and demonstrate excellent knowledge, skills and proficiency in teaching all areas of Chemistry.

Course Details

Chemistry 20

  • The Diversity of Matter and Chemical Bonding

  • Forms of Matter: Gases

  • Matter as Solutions, Acids and Bases

  • Quantitative Relationships in Chemical Changes


Chemistry 30

  • Thermo Chemical Changes

  • Electrochemical Changes

  • Chemical Changes of Organic Compounds

  • Chemical Equilibrium Focusing on Acid-Base Systems


University and College Chemistry

  • Chemistry 0130 (MRU)

  • Chemistry 201

  • Chemistry 203

  • Chemistry 351

  • Chemistry 353


Online Tutoring

Venky Tutors  offers live synchronous one-on-one tutoring using the most versatile collaborative platform for online tutoring.

Easy to use platform, no tutorials or training needed and with one click and you get right into the lesson.

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