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Science means knowledge. We teach the fundamentals, help students test predictions and traverse the intricacies.

Our Science Tutors Help Students to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts in Science

  • Build confidence and skills to achieve superior grades

  • Become an independent learner and thinker

Science Tutoring Aligned with Alberta Curriculum

  • We follow the Alberta curriculum 100% during our tutoring sessions. Our Science tutors are experts and demonstrate excellent knowledge, skills and proficiency in teaching all areas of Science.

Course Details

Elementary School Science (Grades 1-6)

  • Creating Colour

  • Seasonal Changes

  • Building Things

  • Senses

  • Needs of Plants and Animals

  • Exploring Liquids

  • Buoyancy and Boats

  • Magnetism

  • Hot and Cold Temperatures

  • Small Crawling and Flying Animals

  • Rocks and Minerals

  • Building with a Variety of Materials

  • Testing Materials and Designs

  • Hearing and Sound

  • Animal Life Cycles

  • Waste and Our World

  • Wheels and Levers

  • Building Devices and Vehicles that Move

  • Light and Shadows

  • Plant Growth and Changes

  • Electricity and Magnetism

  • Mechanisms Using Electricity

  • Classroom Chemistry

  • Weather Watch

  • Wetland Ecosystems

  • Air and Aerodynamics

  • Flight

  • Sky Science

  • Evidence and Investigation

  • Trees and Forests


Junior High School Science (Grade 7-9)

  • Interactions and Ecosystems

  • Plants for Food and Fibre

  • Heat and Temperature

  • Structure and Forces

  • Planet Earth

  • Mix and Flow of Matter

  • Cells and Systems

  • Light and Optical Systems

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Freshwater and Saltwater Systems

  • Biological Diversity

  • Matter and Chemical Change

  • Environmental Chemistry

  • Electrical Principles and Technologies

  • Space Exploration


High School Science (Grade 10-12)

  • Energy and Matter in Chemical Change

  • Energy Flow in Technological Systems

  • Cycling of Matter in Living Systems

  • Energy Flow in Global Systems

  • Chemical Changes

  • Changes in Motion

  • The Changing Earth

  • Changes in Living Systems

  • Living Systems Respond to their Environment

  • Chemistry and the Environment

  • Electromagnetic Energy

  • Energy and the Environment


Online Tutoring

Venky Tutors  offers live synchronous one-on-one tutoring using the most versatile collaborative platform for online tutoring.

Easy to use platform, no tutorials or training needed and with one click and you get right into the lesson.

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